What We Do

Recruit, Train & Assist Candidates
Help communities identify, cultivate, and train Democratic candidates

We know how hard it is to run for office, everyone at Rural Majority has run and/or served as a local elected leader. We consult with and manage campaigns in rural districts to FLIP red seats blue. We work with our regional partners and Democratic committees to identify, cultivate, and train Democratic candidates to run for office and WIN. We work with town and county committees, and individuals seeking Democratic nomination in small, rural communities. We offer consultation and trainings to committees looking to grow their committees in fundraising, strategic planning, goal setting, networking, capacity building, and human resources.

Recruit, Train & Assist Campaign Staff
Working with our partners to train a campaign workforce

For Democrats to WIN, we need a pool of qualified, experienced professional campaign staff. We work with our partners to train prospective staff and provide continuing education to campaign professionals in the region. We also fill in the gaps on your campaign team - we make sure you have the expertise to run a professional, winning campaign.