• Carolyn Riggs

We Don't Need to be 'SAVED'

Folks are giving up too fast on rural America. Not surprising since most critics philosophize from the comforts of high rises in booming democratic metropolis’ and never have spent a concerted effort in small rural communities.

The TRUTH is we don't need to be "saved". We need to be heard. And then we need action to be taken. We need equitable access to infrastructure so our businesses can enter markets in a competitive position. We need equitable access to resources to invest in the innovation that is created out of being resourceful. We don't need to be saved, or a handout, we just need a fair shot.

"Can rural America be saved? There are 60 million people, almost one in five Americans, living on farms, in hamlets and in small towns across the landscape. For the last quarter century the story of these places has been one of relentless economic decline."


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