Our Partners

Preferred Candidate Training Organizations

Candidate trainings are not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. That's why we are partnering with candidate training programs that have been successful across the nation:

Emerge America

Eleanor's Legacy

Trailblazers PAC

She Should Run

Vote Run Lead

Rural Majority's founders are also trained trainers who work with Emerge affiliates and Vote Run Lead programs and provide local training using curriculum that is proven effective in rural communities.

Campaign Staff Trainings

We know that the only way Democrats WIN is with qualified and experienced professional campaign staff. That's why we actively recruit and train campaign staff and political operatives in the region. We partner with organizations to make sure that our local staff have the best training so they can organize, fundraise, and manage campaigns at all levels of government.

The Arena

National Democratic Training Committee

Help Candidate Campaigns Fundraise

There are a lot of organizations, unions, PACs, and individuals who want to help our candidates be successful. That's why we actively fundraise, endorse, and financially support viable Democratic candidates running in rural districts. But we know that we can't fund it all, that's why we have created a "Donor Pool" that our endorsed candidates can access to increase their fundraising potential.